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Smartphone Kit For SOMMER Garage Door Opener - 1 sensor for 1 garage door

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Control your garage door opener with your smartphone.
The Internet/ Smartphone Kit allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door from anywhere, receive notifications for any garage door event and share access with your guests on the go. It will redefine the way you interact with your garage door or gate. Forget about keys or remote controls.  
A true homage to your SOMMER garage door opener.

Smartphone Kit For SOMMER Garage Door Openers

The Gogogate2 device can control up to three different garage doors or gates. 
The perfect solution to monitor the access to your home, office or warehouse. 
  • Works with any photoelectric sensor-equipped opener made after 1993
  • Easy installation and setup
  • No monthly fees, no charge for smart phone app
  • The device is not connected to a server at any time, meaning no issues with false alerts or any kind of safety issues
  • No personal information from user during setup required
Remote Alerts
  • Get phone or email notifications when your door is open, closed or left open. 

Wireless Sensor
  • Garage door status monitoring
  • Temperature indicator
  • Battery status indicator

Access Management
  • Share and control the access to your garage from a single app.
  • You can grant and deny temporary or total access to your guests at anytime, from anywhere.
  • Free up to 10 users  
  • 100 users - $79 / year. Ideal for condominiums
  • Unlimited users - $109 / year. Ideal for large properties

Stand Alone System
  • Gogogate2 will work even if there is not internet connectivity.The device can generate its own Wi-Fi network. The device will only be accessible locally, within the system’s own Wi-Fi range.

Video Monitoring (IP Camera not included)
  • See in real time what happens in your garage from a single app.
  • Gogogate will also record and store all your garage door events in a built-in calendar of events. It’s like being home when not home.

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