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EVO+ 600N 3/4HP LED Garage Door Opener
EVO+ 600N 3/4HP LED Garage Door Opener

EVO+ 600N 3/4HP LED Garage Door Opener - 922 MHz

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EVO+ 600N 3/4 HP LED Garage Door Opener
Part Number: S10256
EVO+ 600 Next Generation Garage Door Opener

(includes safety photo eyes,  4-button remote control and internal wall switch)


  • Extremely quiet and smooth garage door operation
  • Reliable opener system because of only one moving part
  • DC- motor is directly attached to the door providing maximum lifting force
  • Lifetime Warranty on motor
  • 922 MHz new coding technology
  • Includes 1 4-button remote control (capable of controlling 2 doors)
  • 2- year warranty on accessories (photo sensors, wall station, transmitters, etc.)
  • LED technology: durable, efficient lighting
  • Comes with rail and track suitable for 7 or 8' garage doors
  • Made in Germany
  • Standby power <1 Watt. (corresponds to approx. only $1.00 in energy cost per year)
  • UL325 certified


  • Advanced object and force detection system
  • Automatic locking and counter pressure in case of an attempted break-in
  • Very secure 128 bit encryption radio technology (rolling code)
  • Emergency release can be locked or unlocked in any position
  • Optional battery backup for emergency operation in the event of a power failure
  • Optional locking magnet for motor, locks in any position


  • Automatic learning process: self-learning force curve with continual adjustment
  • Optimal speed profile for quick opening and secure closing
  • Automatic optimisation of door operation through direct entry of measured operating forces
  • Active braking for moving doors
  • Countless setting and inquiring options via SOMlink
  • Compatible with iSmartGate for smart app-control of door and its status.


  • Rail is long enough for 8ft. tall doors 
  • Easy shortening or lengthening of the track possible (3ft. extension set # 10460V000)
  • Removable carriage without track disassembly
  • Countless add on accessories e.g. Memo transmitter memory, Senso humidity sensor, Lock locking magnet, Lumi evo+ additional LED lighting, buzzer ...

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